Friday, April 18, 2014

When Wheeler said "The Sizzle Sells the Steak" - He knew it was true.

Elmer Wheeler's "Tested Sentences That Sell" is now available in a new ebook and paperback edition for your immediate use and study.

Because you deserve to know how sales is really done in order to improve your advertising and promotion.

Tested Sentences that Sell by Elmer Wheeler - now available as ebook and paperback

Let's be real here - you can handle the truth. So someone needs to tell it to you.

I don't have time for a full review, but do want to get some facts out here.

  1. Most of the reason sales got a bad name is by people doing it who have no clue.
  2. The only effective sales is done by people who have intensively studied what does and doesn't work.
  3. You can always "see farther by standing on the shoulders of giants."
I am so tired of what passes for "Internet Marketing" that I could just spit. This is the reason I have never taken out ads myself - quite besides the fact that they cost money I don't like to waste. 

When my other studies of Albert Lasker and John E. Kennedy brought up the definition of advertising as "Salesmanship in Print" - I knew I had to find someone who could tell me what salesmanship was.  So this book (and another by Dale Carnegie) surfaced to tell me again what we all needed to know.

But I do have to get back to getting this ebook out to the other three distributors (just half left, I tell myself.) And then I can get back to telling you why someone who tests everything is better than a bunch of "guru's" who cross-promote each other's "special deals".

For now, you have this post. Do make sure you've subscribed (above right) in either email or RSS feed to make sure you don't miss anything...

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To understand advertising, you need to understand salesmanship.

Both are filled with mis-steps, gimmicks, and frauds.

Advertising is widely understood to be “Salesmanship in Print.” Understanding what makes a successful salesman then gives you the basics of what will make successful ads. With this tested collection of solutions, any person is well on their way to understanding human nature and how to approach prospects in order that marketing becomes routinely effective.

Only when a person knows to test and re-test everything they find will success show up.
During 10 years of research, Wheeler tested over 105,000 words and phrases on more than 19 million people, resulting in the development of his “5 Wheeler Points”.

These principles as powerful today as they were when this book was originally published in 1937. Even as things change, technology transforms, business evolves – human nature has stayed the same.

Get your copy today and Master these secrets for yourself.

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